Why Read?

Reading is so important, but WHY? Reading is the most effective way to address and build vocabulary. Reading also correlates with literacy, which is the highest predictor of academic success and life success. Today, 5% of our population has ADHD, but more prevalent are Language Based Learning disorders (or reading problems also referred to as Dyslexia) where 17.5% of children are affected, which is one in five kids!


Research from Sally Shaywitz, MD from Yale University explains why reading is so crucial! She found that reading 20 minutes per day versus 5 minutes per day can make a big difference in our children’s lives, which is called the Million Word Gap.

  • When a child reads 5 minutes per day they are exposed to 282,000 words per year.

  • When a child reads 20 minutes per day they are exposed to 1.8 million words per year.

Check out this link that references pediatric occupational therapists (even our own OT) suggesting the best pop-up books to read to your kids. Instead of just reading at nighttime, try getting some reading in during other times. Morning, bath time, even a pre-dinner story while you are seated at the table are all great ways to get to the 20 minute goal. 

Some of our other favorite books and authors that we love to incorporate into our daily routines:


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Bad Kitty

Where the Wild Things Are

Blueberries for Sal


The Giving Tree

Where the Sidewalk Ends