Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), what is it? 
At Infinity Kids, providing total communication for our clients helps them become effective communicators in their home and community environments. AAC is under the umbrella of total communication because it allows for other forms of communication, such as using manual signs, pointing to pictures, or activating voice output devices, to either augment verbal production or be an alternative mode of communication when the child has difficulty producing verbal language. AAC includes low-tech devices like static core boards and switches to high-tech devices with touch or eye gaze features.

What are the benefits of AAC? 
AAC allows for a child to grow in their receptive and expressive language skills despite being highly unintelligible and/or being unable to use verbal communication. This will result in less frustration during communication exchanges and more confidence to communicate their wants and needs.

Who is a good candidate for AAC?
Any child who is highly not understandable or is unable to use speech to communicate effectively in their everyday environments is a candidate for AAC. A Speech-Language Pathologist can help you  determine if your child would be a good fit for AAC.custom hoodies best couples sex toys human hair wigs male sex toys nfl plus adidas yeezy custom baseball jersey cheap nfl jerseys the wig shop nfl stores nike air jordan 4 oil green best sex toys nike air max shoes cheap nba jerseys adidas sale

Does AAC mean your child will not  speak verbally?
Research shows that by using a total communication approach in therapy, we are not suppressing any particular mode of communication (i.e. verbal, ASL, AAC, etc.), rather providing multiple options for communication. This allows the child to choose the best mode of communication based on the needs they have. Consult directly with a Speech-Language Pathologist to discuss your child’s specific communication needs.

How Can IK Help?
We have Speech-Language Pathologists who are trained and experienced in specific AAC software like LAMP Words for Life, TD Snap, and Touch Chat. Infinity Kids can provide connections with reputable AAC companies such as PRC-Saltillo and Tobii Dynavox  to aid in the trial and evaluation process, and can help navigate insurance to access high-tech devices as durable medical equipment.

– Makaela Chan, SLP

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