Our speech and language pathologists try to stay on the forefront of interventions that have been researched, specifically music and the benefits with early language and speech in young children. Many of our SLP’s incorporate music into their sessions as the evidence behind it is supportive and legitimizes the positive correlation and impact

The early developing brain processes language as a type of music (Koelsch and Siebel 2005). Studies have shown that music builds and supports motivation and leads to increased attention, cognition, and learning (That & Gardner, 2014, Feller 2008). Furthermore, Music therapy has a measurable effect on speech development (Gross, Linden & Ostermann 2010).nike air max 270 couples sex toys nike air max 270 mens sale cheap lace front wigs nfl jersey sales nfl jerseys online green bay packers jersey realistic ass sex toy best jordan 4s cowboys jersey short human hair wigs best sex toy store custom mlb jerseys men nfl pro shop best jordan shoes

Research shows that music has short-term beneficial effects on children’s attention control and that music improves sustained attention (Kasuya-Ueba, et. al (2020) ). This connection utilizing music is profound, and one can clearly observe increased focus, calming, and redirection, along with the ability to improve early language and speech sounds!

By: Tala Brinderson

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