Parent Ambassador Spotlight | Yi Yi Chen

Making a change can be scary – but it can be the best thing you ever do for your child. That’s what Yi Yi Chen discovered when her son, Oliver, was introduced to Infinity Kids. At Infinity Kids, we work to build bonds with the kids in our community – helping them feel at home in our space. Within no time, Oliver felt right at home – wanting to come to visit us every day.

As part of our parent ambassador spotlight series, we’re shining a light on the parents in our community who make Infinity Kids what it is today . The stories from our parent ambassadors are what continue to motivate us every day – showing the power of specialized therapy to transform the lives of kids.

Read on to hear about Yi Yi’s – and her son Oliver’s – experience with Infinity Kids in her own words.

Why did you choose Infinity Kids?

Before Infinity Kids, Oliver was having therapy from age 2 to 3 at another clinic. He struggled to fit in and would come to dread his appointments – not wanting me to leave him for his therapy sessions. Both Oliver and I started to suffer from this experience – and I felt as though the therapist were trying to judge me for ‘spoiling’ my child.

After leaving town for a bit, we had a reassessment at our hospital to go back to therapy. This time, the hospital introduced us to Infinity Kids. At first, I was apprehensive about how Oliver would adjust to a new environment. I struggled with the decision – but now, I’d make it in a heartbeat.

I noticed the change from his first appointment. Gone were the tears and in their place were smiles as he would wave me off and go in to see his favorite therapist, Shannon.

Oliver now comes to Infinity Kids for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech therapy. The amazing team of therapists – including Brittany, Shannon, Amanda, and Carrie – have helped Oliver grow from leaps to bounds. In the two years since we came to Infinity Kids, Oliver has a food list longer than his brother’s and feels like a superhero when he works with its therapists. I don’t know if it’s magic or feng shui, but I wish I could bottle Infinity Kids up and give it to every parent.

Share a memorable experience from your time with Infinity Kids

There are so many memories to share – but it’s often the smallest acts that have the biggest impact. My most memorable experience about Infinity Kids is how it turned therapy from work to a reward for Oliver. He wants to come and see his therapists every day. If you tell him he has to finish a whole bottle of Pediasure to have the energy to play with Ms. Shannon, he’ll drink up the bottle and jump into his car seat!

What would you say to your past self or a new Infinity Kids family?

I would tell my past self to listen to your heart and your child. They’ll tell you when a therapist is the right one for them. Therapy is a long-term battle, and you need a trustworthy place to go through this journey, where you’ll feel respected, comfortable, and accepted. That’s what Infinity Kids has given us – and will give to every family that walks through its doors.

Testimonial Quote

“When the hospital referred me to Infinity Kids, I was nervous at first because it meant that Oliver had to adjust to new therapists and a new environment all over again. It turns out it was the best decision I have ever made. The staff at Infinity Kids know the importance of building a bond with their clients. They don’t just work to get things done. They make you feel at home. Oliver wants to come every day and is super motivated to spend time with his therapists and to see Angie and Tiffany! They all make him feel like he is a superhero.”