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We currently are not offering social skills groups at this time, but hope to bring them back soon. Sign-up to stay tuned for updates.

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Social Skills Group Therapy

In-Clinic and TeleTherapy Options

Pediatric Social Skills Group Therapy At Infinity Kids

Our social groups are designed for kids having difficulties communicating and playing with their peers.  Although such difficulties are commonly associated with Autism, social groups can significantly improve the social skills of kids without such diagnoses.  We typically offer Social Groups for individuals with a minimum age of 7 years old and a maximum age of 21 years old. 

What is a Social Skills Group?
It is a group of kids of similar ages interacting under the direction of a speech–language pathologist for the purpose of developing social-language skills and concepts of peer relations. We have social groups for kids of different ages and although the number of kids in a group varies, we limit our groups to 4 kids to maximize the benefits.

Social Skills Groups Improve:

  • Conversation and Listening Skills 
  • Play and Socialization
  • Ability to make friends and share
  • Understanding different intonations
  • Reading body language such as facial expressions and gestures
  • Staying on topic

Social Group Activities:

  • Role-playing in hypothetical social situations
  • Playing games to stimulate social thinking
  • Taking trips to places such as parks to meet other kids and apply their skills in real situations
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