Spring Activities for Families

With the weather warming up and schools going on break try out these springtime activities for some multi-sensory fun with your whole family.

  1. Decorate Eggs: This is a fun activity for the whole family to do together. Gather a carton of fresh eggs or some plastic eggs and get creative and maybe a little messy. While there are a variety of egg-dying kits available for purchase, you can also get creative with some left-over paints, stickers, etc. that you might have lying around the house.
  2. Sensory Fun Egg Hunt: You’re probably familiar with the traditional egg hunt where you look for hidden eggs, but here are some fun ideas to create a unique egg hunt activity for your family. 
    • Touch and Find Egg Hunt: Lay out a bunch of blankets and pillows in the house or out on the grass. Hide the eggs on top of and under the blankets and pillows. Have your children close their eyes or wear a blind fold and feel around with their hands and feet to find the eggs.

    • Find and Shake Egg Hunt: Fill half of your plastic eggs with small loose items (ex: coins, jelly beans, etc). Leave the remaining eggs empty. Hide all of the eggs and have your children find the eggs and shake them to find all the eggs that make noise. As an added challenge you can have them try to guess what is inside.

      3. Food Fun for Spring: Try out one of these fun food ideas to explore different food qualities and make some tasty treats.

    • Taste the Rainbow: Utilize fruits of different colors to form a rainbow. For example you could cut up strawberries for the red layer, cantaloupe for the orange layer, pineapple for the yellow layer, green grapes for the green layer, blueberries for the blue layer, and purple grapes for the purple layer. Finish off your rainbow with some clouds made of fluffy white whipped cream or even some yogurt.

    • Veggie Bugs: Introduce a variety of raw vegetables in a way that’s fun. Get creative and let your child pick which type of bug they want to make and choose their ingredients. For example, you can make a veggie snail by cutting a 3 inch piece of celery, filling it with peanut butter/cream cheese/hummus, place a slice of cucumber on top to make a shell, use a half of a cherry tomato for a head and make your own face using your peanut butter/cream cheese/hummus. 

     4. Springtime Animal Walks: Try out these spring-themed animal walks to incorporate some movement in your day.

    • Bunny Hops: Jump with both feet together as fast as you can. You can also hold your hands up to the back of your head to make your own bunny ears.

    • Butterfly Wings: Spread your arms out to the side and flap your wings up and down as big as you can.

    • Frog Jumps: Squat down with feet apart and hands touching the ground in front of you. Jump up as high and far as you can before landing back in your squat position. 

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