Who We Are

Tala Brinderson & Amanda Fink

Co-founders, Infinity Kids

Co-founders Tala Brinderson  and Amanda Fink created Infinity Kids in the summer of 2018. Their journey together as OTs started in 2010, both working in the field of pediatric private practice. Connecting with families and watching the lives of their clients change because of the space they have created is what fuels the duo. The meaning behind the name Infinity Kids is that the infinity line never ends and is limitless. This reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us. In Occupational therapy, we use the infinity symbol to practice crossing midline with children (ability to efficiently use/move the limbs on one side of body in the space of the opposite side), which indicates both sides of our brain are efficiently working together! Tala and Amanda believe that every child with learning differences deserves the opportunity to thrive and that tailored therapy will lay the groundwork for kids to go to infinity and beyond!

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for families.
Providing consistent and comprehensive therapy with empathy and love.
We coach and support individual needs using play and evidence-based practices.

Our Core Values

have each others backs

Have Each Others Back

  • Supporting each other professionally and personally. Our team talks TO each other NOT ABOUT each other.
  • Practice Kindness.
  • Each team member is equally as important, which enables everyone to bring out the best in one another.

Show Up With An Open Heart

  • Take the perspective of others and accept others who may be different.
  • When we feel with the heart of another, we can connect with our families and staff with love + respect, providing quality care.
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Learn to Grow

  • Just like the infinity sign that never ends, our ability to evolve is limitless.
  • Have a healthy hunger to improve yourself professionally and personally.
  • Share knowledge and ideas openly.
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Make a Difference Everyday

  • Be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities to make a difference.
  • The littlest acts can have the biggest impact.