Winter News

Happy New Year from everyone at Infinity Kids. We start the year with gratitude for our wonderful families, staff, and another year of opportunities to serve. We are excited to welcome families back from the holidays to our newly expanded suite in Lake Forest with an additional gym, private speech therapy rooms, and tons of new toys! Our Anaheim Hills location has a new garden too. We have big plans to utilize our new spaces, so check out our website for more resources and upcoming events. new blog posts and events.

Parent Ambassadors

The therapy process can be overwhelming for new families. Our parent ambassadors provide support through shared experiences and mentorship. To connect with a parent mentor, call (949) 273-6503.

Meet Yi Yi & Oliver Lake Forest Parent Ambassador
 The hospital referred me to Infinity Kids. I was nervous at first because it meant that Oliver had to adjust to new therapists and a new environment all over again. It turns out it was the best decision I have ever made. The staff at Infinity Kids know the importance of building a bond with their clients. They don’t just work to get things done. They make you feel at home. Oliver wants to come every day and is super motivated to spend time with his therapists and to see Angie and Tiffany! They all make him feel like he is a super hero
Meet Denise & Andrew Anaheim Hills Parent Ambassador

“We chose Infinity Kids because of the therapists. We truly feel that the success of our son reaching his goals was in major part because of his therapists.The success of your child reaching milestones truly depends on a good team. For us that Team is INFINITY KIDS!

Andrew started and continues to struggle with a lot of OT challenges but one thing that changed our lives was feeding. I still recall and have the video Amanda shared with me showing me that Andrew could self-feed. Not just with a spoon but finger feed. It was one of the best moments of our lives.”

infinity Kids Events

Community Events

The Priority Center Parent Workshops

Feb 10
The Power of Positive Parenting

Feb 17
Raising Confident Children

Feb 24
Raising Resilient Children

Feb. 6
Chinese Lunar New Year Festival Pretend City
Feb. 26
Lantern Festival Segerstrom Concert Hall
Feb. 26-27
Irvine Park Railroad Anniversary

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